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ACTE RAIL is introducing GREEN BLOXX®, a comprehensive product assortment developed especially for Infrastructure constructions.
We use Recycled plastics, extracted from waste and possible polution, and develop market leading products, such as cable ducts, cable chambers, multi-duct conduits and accessories.

GREEN BLOXX® - the easy transition to a strong, future proff and sustainable installation!

GREEN BLOXX® - a wide range of sustainable application options for the INFRASTRUCTURE industry.
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  • Green Trough® cable duct

    Green Trough® cable duct Green Trough is the world’s most versatile cable trough system - a genuine concrete replacement.
    Sustainable: Green Trough is made from 100% recycled polymer.
    Extremely durable: 50+ year UV resistance. Suitable for use in -40°C to +80°C temperature range. Resistant to salt damage. Excellent impact resistance. Länk till produkten »

  • Vario Top cable duct

    Vario Top cable duct VARIO TOP is a high quality and at the same time multi-functional cable protection system with a comprehensive range of accessories available.
    VARIO TOP pillar-mounted cable duct system in glasfiber, 6 meter lenght.

  • Green Trough Walk Way

    Green Trough Walk Way The Green Trough anti-slip Walkway system is designed to provide a hard wearing and safe surface for troughing routes where a low to zero maintenance walkway is required. Made from 100% recycled polymer with a base weight of 13.5kg and lid weight of 14kg, individual units can be hand carried by one person. Each lid can be independently lifted maintaining a safe walking route whilst simultaneously giving access to cables. Lids can be screwed down to protect against theft and vandalism, and bases have a built-in security system allowing for the use of cable ties to further protect against cable theft. Länk till produkten »




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