Atco Trade Eood

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ATCO TRADE was founded in 1999 by engineers with proven professional qualification and experience in foreign trade. Our activities cover commercial and engineering solutions in partnership with important customers from electric and rail transport sector where we implement system solutions with delivery of technology equipment, spare parts and specific consumables. The competence of our highly qualified engineers to guarantee specific features and advantages of equipment by strict control at every step from design and installation to commissioning and service in operation.
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  • Järnvägsinfrastruktur (underhåll och nybyggnation)
  • Stationer, fasta anläggningar och hållplatsmiljöer
  • Säkerhet, trygghet och övervakning


  • ROPE SCREEN DOOR What is RSD? The Rope Screen Door is a vertical opening concept for passenger safety at platform. RSD can be installed in train and subway stations platforms. RSD allows for transit running of high-speed trains. The main advantage of RSD is that It operates with different train types with different door arrangement. The primary objective of the system is to increase the safety levels of the passengers in the platform and restricts the access to the track region only to authorized individuals.


Atco Trade Eood

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