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Welcome to ?Centrum Pæle A/S
Centrum Pæle A/S was founded, in 1965, at the company's current address in Vejle.

The main objective, at the time, was to manufacture precast concrete piles for the construction industry.

?Today, in addition to our standard selection of precast concrete piles, we also manufacture our own developed and patented pile joints (CPG-joints) on a state-of-the-art automated robotics system.

We also manufacture mast foundation piles. These piles were developed for the railway's electrification masts.

However, the mast foundation piles are used in various projects today, for example, solar parks, sound walls, and more. See our pile selection for more information.

Centrum Pile DK employs around 75 people at the factory, who, in addition to the production of piles, are also involved in developing modern and automated production equipment for our factory.

The development of production equipment is primarily done at our factory in Vejle but in close collaboration with the other factories in England, Germany, Poland, and Sweden.
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Centrum Pæle A/S

Grønlandsvej 96 DK-7100  Vejle Danmark