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ANTONICS is technology leader for multiband train antennas. The company produces powerful antenna solutions for buses, rail vehicles, and infrastructure applications. The ANTONICS planar train antenna technology allows different communication systems to be used in one single, very flat antenna such as 5G, LTE, UMTS, GSM, TETRA, WLAN or GNSS.
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  • Vehicle equipment, components and interior


  • OmPlecs®-TOP 200 AMR MF-04 -5- L1/L2 Multiband-Train Antenna with certification / approval according to train standard EN 50155 for mounting on trains and vehicles Link to the product »

  • 4x4 MIMO Indoor Train Antenna With the multiple input/multiple output antenna MIMO 2x2, ANTONICS launched a cross-polarized multi-band antenna for indoor train and bus applications back in 2016. The orthogonal arrangement of the ports ensures stable signal reception in different installation positions and prevents unwanted effects, regardless of how the signal rotates. With the ever higher data rates that have to be covered since then, sooner or later an expansion of the antenna became obvious. The result is the 4x4 MIMO indoor train antenna developed on the basis of the 2x2. Link to the product »

  • Indoor 4x4 WLAN MIMO 2.4/5.8 railway antenna of the TOP 200 series The TOP 200 series indoor train antenna, approved according to EN50155, offers the full antenna spectrum for WLAN on-board applications. Link to the product »

  • Protection Device OmProtec®-RBF 900 CF-02 Band Rejection System for the GSM-R frequency band to mount in trains and vehicles Link to the product »

  • Infrastructure Antenna DiPlecs® 200 HDPA MIMO L WMT Multiband transmitting and receiving antenna for infrastructure equipment. Link to the product »

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