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We are a Czech manufacturer of modern and efficient diesel-electric locomotives, offering a range of products suitable for various railway applications. With our cutting-edge technology and high performance, CZ LOKO locomotives provide reliable and sustainable solutions for the railway industry. Visit our booth at the Train & Rail fair in Stockholm to learn more about our products and services.
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  • Rail vehicles for goods and passenger traffic


  • EffiShunter 300

    EffiShunter 3000 EffiShunter 300 is a modern two-axle locomotive suitable for light shunting in depots, on sidings and at stations. Meeting the gauge for special tracks also allows it to be operated in metro tunnels. The simple design of the vehicle was chosen with regard to the lowest possible purchase price and subsequent operating costs. Link to the product »

  • EffiShunter 1000

    EffiShunter 1000 EffiShunter 1000, the flagship product of CZ LOKO, is designed both for operation on industrial sidings in the most demanding conditions and for line service. For these purposes, it may be equipped with ETCS. Approval according to the internationally recognized TSI certificate guarantees the maximum possible interoperability in the countries of the European Union. Link to the product »

  • DualShunter 2000

    DualShunter 2000 DualShunter 2000 is designed for medium-duty shunting and line service on electrified 3 kV DC or 25 kV, 50 Hz AC lines and, for operation with independent traction, it is equipped with a 895 kW Caterpillar C32 EU stage V diesel engine. As a result, it possible to take advantage of dependent traction when hauling freight trains on electrified lines and, at the same time, its sufficiently powerful diesel engine enables trouble-free operation on sidings and lines that are not electrified. This eliminates the need for two locomotives (electric and diesel) or the need to operate a diesel locomotive on electrified lines, which is not only costly, but also bad for the environment. When operated on electrified lines, it is also possible to take advantage of energy recovery when using the EDB. Link to the product »


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