Where every day is for the future – journeys in innovation to a moving destination

How do we reconcile our need for mobility with sustainability? The desire to meet other people, to exchange goods, ideas, and experiences is indeed very human. So is the desire to preserve, protect and grow our shared natural environment for future generations. Now, we know that increasing the share of rail transport can strongly contribute to the decarbonization of mobility. However, there are several obstacles to succeeding in this endeavor. Historically we have overcome obstacles to human mobility through innovation since long before the wheel was invented. So, in what areas do we need to innovate both today and tomorrow? How do we address the mobility system holistically instead of piecemeal? What technologies can act as enablers? What skills and capabilities do we need among the people who are going to make it all happen? Join me as I explore answers to these questions from our experience at Alstom.

Ganesh Chandramouli

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