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Meeting place for the railway industry

At the Train & Rail Convention, we gather to become inspired, to learn, share our knowledge and together examine all the issues, products and services that shape the sustainable transport system of tomorrow – the railway.

At Train & Rail, you will be able to engage with:

 🚂 Politicians at a national, regional and municipal level with responsibility for the railway, infrastructure issues and community planning.

🚂 Principals, officers and employees of public transport companies and train operators

 🚂 Official representatives  🚂 Technicians, engineers and product developers
 🚂 Employees in regional and municipal development companies  🚂 Consultants, developers and community planners
 🚂 Goods owners, transport purchasers, transport planners and logistics managers  🚂 Employees in operations, maintenance and servicing
 🚂 Investigators and developers in safety, security and surveillance  🚂 Lobbyists and commentators.
 🚂 Traffic planners and transport buyers  🚂 Students and newcomers to the industry
 🚂 Passenger associations  

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New Brand Area

We want to give everyone an opportunity to try being an exhibitor at the industry's leading Trade Fair Train & Rail. Limited seats in the New Brand Area!

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