Four important leaders

Four important leaders– therefore we choose Train & Rail 2023

The interest fort the new railway exhibit Train & Rail in Stockholm 25-26 April next year is huge, and the bookings are coming in a constant flow. – It is natural that we build a strong and relevant meeting point together with the industry, says Monika Johansen, Project manager.

The list is becoming long with Alstrom, Euromaint, Vossloh and Faiveley/Wabtec that is some of the bigger scheduled exhibitors at Stockholmsmässan new meeting point for sustainable railway transportations You can find the full list here:

The need for a new working meeting point for decision makers in the railway industry is huge and the interest for sustainable transportation for railway is bigger than ever.

Exciting and inspiring

–This is something that the industry has requested for many years. We look forward to some exciting and inspiring days with meetings, business and industry conversations, where we discuss and solve the futures most important infrastructure challenges and questions regarding transports, says Monika Johannesen.

Train & rail is April 25-27 next year and Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems VP Bertrand Gryspeert was one of them who decided to participate early on.

–We believe strongly in Train & Rails ambition to be a common meeting point within the railway industry. The railways are facing huge challenges the upcoming years and then we all need to help each other to succeed, he says.

What is Vossloh Nordics aim with Train & Rail?

– We want to build a network and be a part of discussions that support the industry’s common development. As a company we want to contribute to a better railway with what we are best at. We want to talk about and contribute to a higher availability to the railway system and longer life cycle costs.

– We see that the industry and the Swedish Transport Administration can cooperate even more and find to well-planned and smart maintenance concept.

– We are a part of an advanced manufacturing industry with a strong base in Sweden. Historically we have not been that involved in what is going on with the products after they left the factory. That’s something we want to change. The industry and its process thought has a lot to contribute with.

How come Alstrom has decided to be apart of Train & Rail?

– Train & Rail is a good opportunity to meet industry actors and be a part of affecting the future of railway sector. We look forward being a part of Train & Rail and have huge expectations on a creative approach the exhibit format, says Maria Signal Martebo, VP at Alstrom Sweden.

What is Alstroms aim with Train & Rail?

–Alstroms aim is to have an active dialog, to affect and drive the railway industry forward.

Read full interview with Maria Signal Martebo here.

Euromaint is also exhibiting at Train & rail.

What is Euromaints aim with the exhibit?

–We want to understand better how the railway market is developing and how Euromaints solutions can be an important role. It’s about how we can get out new ideas to the industry, says Gorka Tamayo, VP at Euromaint-group.

Read full interview with Gorka Tamayo here.

Magnus Larsson is Regional manager in the Nordic region at Faiveley/Wabtec one of the biggest leaders in the Northern regions that’s creating all subsystem that exist at a train, except the train carriage and interior details.

How come that Wabtec decided to be a part of Train & Rail?

–Our expectations are that it’s going to be the new Nordic region industry exhibit forward. As members of Swedtrain we have driven to create a new industry exhibit at the Nordic region market that is easy to travel to. With an exhibit in Stockholm the area becomes bigger, and it’s even easier for people outside the Nordic region to access.

What is Wabtecs aim with Train & Rail?

–To interact with industry colleagues and find more contacts. To market ourselves and find more business. But also, to make our trademark in the Nordic region bigger and attract more coworkers. Conditions possible

Read full interview with Magnus Larsson here:


About Train & Rail

Train & Rail is the Industrys new meeting point and is arranged by Stockholmsmässan and Swedtrain in collaborations with Järnvägsentreprenörerna, NJS – Forum for Nordic Railway professionals, Spårvagnsstäderna, Svensk Kollektivtrafik, Swerig och Tågföretagen.

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