John Adolfsson, STHK

Who are you and what is your role at STHK?
My name is John Adolfsson and I am the founder of STHK. I am working with buisness develpment for the company at the moment.

What type of company is STHK and what do you work with?
STHK is a railway consulting company and we are actually the leading consulting company in Sweden in railway signaling systems. We were founded in 2009 and will soon exceed 40 employees. We carry out specialist assignments within vehicles and ground systems, and we work with system integration projects within ERTMS where we are involved in the entire signaling system lifecycle: from pre-study, installation, adaptation and finally approval.

We recently joined forces with Finnish Welado, which focuses on project and construction management, which means a renewed direction for us. It is our way of trying to solve the challenges the industry is facing, to develop our business offer and learn from each other and other companies' success concepts.

How come STHK has decided to participate in Train & Rail?
We have chosen to participate during Trail & Rail to become more visible. It's time to show off who we are and what we do best! It will be a natural meeting place where everyone gets a chance to contribute to the railway's future challenges in different ways. We look forward to having a dialogue with the industry on site, focusing on what we can develop and of course meeting customers. We also think it's funny that the fair is in Stockholm!

Which issue is most important from your perspective for the railways of the future? What are STHK's goals with Trail & Rail?
The two most important issues for us are that the industry must learn to introduce new, more modern technology, where older existing solutions can coexist with the newer technology, and to reduce costs for travelers. We believe that it is important that in the ongoing digitization we learn to manage the complexity of the railway system in a smarter and more cost-effective way. So that you can trust the railway, that the trains run on time and that the railway should be the first choice when it comes to transport.

Our aim with Train & Rail is to discuss these issues with industry experts and hopefully have interesting discussions where we can come up with proposals for future approaches to meet our challenges. We also look forward to presenting how we work with client support and construction management.

How do you work with these questions?
We work with these questions every day together with our customers when we upgrade or integrates new systems or technology and is with the whole process. You need to understand the customers business case, apply effective methods for introducing new systems and creating an organization that manages a new technical solution. You can work more cost effective and smarter in complying with regulations without endangering personal safety. In concrete terms, this means reduced costs for our customers and a faster introduction of new systems.

What do you wish from your industry colleagues/decision makers so that you can be able to work even better to meet these challenges.
That the politics and other decision makers priorities and show that the railway is important for real! Only then, do I believe that we will be able to fully meet the challenges.