Who are you and what are your role at Predge? 
My name is Mats Jonsson and I have been Business Area Manager for Scandinavia and Europe for a year now. 

What kind of company is Predge and what do you work with?
Predge is a world leader in sophisticated decision support for operation and maintenance in trains and the process industry. By combining domain knowledge with existing data sources, we can deliver insights into the degradation of components and thus reduce both wear and tear and maintenance costs. With the help from AI and ML in our analyses.

How come Predge has decided to participate in Train & Rail?
We see Train & Rail as a perfect meeting place for the railway industry. A place where we together can find solutions to optimize the railway industry with the help of digitalisation. It feels good to be on home turf and meet many of our customers who will also be there. The railway industry is a crucial player to reach the climate goals, but there is big challenges ahead. We at Predge wants to contribute to the industry's opportunities to succeed on that journey.

What are Predges goals with Train & Rail? 
Our goals with Train & Rail is to keep us updated about what is happening on the market today, to be able to develop and make sure that we are going in the right direction. We also want to share what we can contribute to strengthen and develop the industry. We look forward to present a concrete costumer case at the fair.

What question for the railways future is more important from your point of view?
Sustainability and safety! To take the right decision in maintenance contributes so that we can make use of the resources we have today and minimize unnecessary changes of components, but also that you actually replace components before they contribute to more damage – damage that, for example, affects the infrastructure. We want to contribute to a more safe working environment where you do not perform dangerous tasks unnecessarily, we do this by systematically working so that the customer can make the right decision.

How do you work with this question today?
Today, Predge has the honor of working with most freight operators and the maintenance workshops in the Nordics to optimize maintenance on wagons. We work closely and together with the customer to develop the solution that creates the most value. Our customers invest in us and our solution, therefore it is important for us to prove that an investment in Predge leads to savings in both resources and money.

What do you wish from industry colleagues/decision makers so that you yourself can work even better to meet these challenges.
Sweden is at the forefront of digitization. Our existing customers know what we at Predge can do, but it requires the courage to invest to reach where many of our existing customers are already. What we can wish for is that more people dare to step into digitization and invest in operational changes that ultimately contribute to reduced workload, reduced maintenance costs and increased safety.