Signe Molin

Exhibitor interview Prose

Who are you and what is your role at Prose?
I am Signe Molin, CEO for PROSE in Sweden.

What kind of company is Prose and what do you work with?
PROSE is an engineering agency that can be proud of being able to offer the expertise to construct an entire train. From the pantograph down to the rails. We specialize in track vehicles; the subway, commuter trains, high-speed trains, trams. PROSE delivers consultants on a current account as well as entire projects where we deliver at a fixed price by the promised delivery date.

Why have Prose decided to participate at Train & Rail?
We are so excited for Train & Rail, we absolutely believe that it will be a new initiative to bring together all the players in the industry. We also look forward to meeting both old and new customers.

What is Prose goals with Train & Rail?
We have a strong brand internationally, especially in central Europe, and want to become equally well known in Sweden. There, we believe Trail & Rail has a central role to play for us!

Which issue is most important from your perspective for the railways of the future and how do you yourselves work with this issue today?
In order to cope with the competition from other types of traffic and to meet the needs of those who use track-borne vehicles, improvements are constantly required in terms of vehicles and their maintenance, PROSE can with its deep and broad competence help its customers achieve this.

What do you want from industry colleagues/decision makers so that society can better meet demand, financial frameworks and climate goals for future rail transport?
In order to get more people to travel by public transport and also increase freight traffic, we in the industry need to get better at listening to customers' actual needs. Predictability, seamless solutions for bookings, and increased availability. As well as going back to the basic delivery – taking the customer, or the goods, from A to B, according to the timetable and preferably in combination with working WiFi along the way!