Exhibitor interview Railway Metrics and Dynamics


Who are you and what is your role in RMD?
My name is Jan Lindqvist and I am the CEO of Railway Metrics and Dynamics (RMD).

What type of company RMD and what do you work with?
- RMD is a Swedish, and soon to be listed, technology company that develops and delivers a comprehensive system for analysis and monitoring of trains and railway infrastructure.

What is the purpose of RMD with Train & Rail?
- We see it as a golden opportunity to be able to expand our contact areas in the railway industry and to be a driving force in a discussion about how we can more quickly identify and prioritize future railway maintenance.

Which question is most important from your perspective for the railway of the future?
- Every year, train delays and damage to railways and trains cause billions of euros in costs for companies and authorities.
Until now, the technology for detecting maintenance needs and damage to trains and railways has been lacking, which costs money for all actors and damages confidence in the railway as a reliable mode of transport for people and goods. If we are to be able to have an efficient, reliable and climate-smart mode of transport that meets the needs of the future, we must think new.

How do you work with this issue today?
- Our patented product, Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU), can with the help of predictive analysis and Machine Learning help to ensure the operation of a railway system that grows in scope, becomes more complex and where an increasing part of the population and companies are dependent on to be able to transport themselves and goods.

- Our system is based on unique, advanced and patented algorithms with which you can predict and detect damage and maintenance needs on train carriages, railways, signaling systems and power lines - all in real time.

- With the help of RMD's system, all operators in the train and railway industry can increase their safety, punctuality and efficiency and at the same time reduce costs dramatically.

What do you want from industry colleagues / decision-makers so that society can better meet demand, economic frameworks and climate goals for the future of rail transport?
- We at RMD want the issue of next-generation railway maintenance to be the highest priority for more operators, infrastructure owners, car owners and ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance, or maintenance responsible unit in Swedish) is a concept for the organization or company responsible for a maintenance of railway vehicles.)

- The railway maintenance of the future takes place just-in-time and it is important to hop on the train soon to be able to be part of the development when it happens, says Jan Lindqvist.

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