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Sold out Tramway forum autumn -22

An attractive program and changed days of the week attracted record numbers to the Tramway Forum in autumn 2022. The success is expected to be repeated in the spring of 2023, when the forum is co-run with the trade fair Train & Rail.

Tramway Forum autum 2022 was very popular – the event was sold out. Normally it use to be around 80 to 100 people. This year it came about 120 participants. The reason why so many came is because of two things, Hans Cruse believes, head of office at the association Spårvagnstäderna that arranges Tramway Forum:

– This autums Tramway Forum was held in Uppsala, whose tramway project is a draw in itself. Then we tried expanding the program and changing the days of the week so that the event took place from Wednesday to Thursday. This way we avoided Friday when people don't want to travel and come home late.

Revealed carpooling with Train & Rail
During the forum's first day, it was revealed that the Spring 2023 Tramway Forum, which will also be held Wednesday to Thursday, will run concurrently with Train & Rail, which will take place April 25–27.

– We received very positive reactions. Some wondered how they would manage both Train & Rail and Tramways Forum. But there shouldn't be any problems. Train & rail lasts for three days, Spårvägsforum for two half days. Then we have plans to run certain parts together, for example a guided tour at the fair about things that are tramway-specific.

Hans Cruse believes that this spring's Tramway Forum in Stockholm should be able to repeat the visitor success from the autumn's forum in Uppsala.

– There are exciting tramway projects nearby, while carpooling with Train & Rail gives participants a two-for-one deal, which could attract more.

Full program in Uppsala
During day one of the Tramway Forum in Uppsala, a lot of focus was placed on the tramway in Uppsala. Three presentations on different aspects of the tramway project were followed by the forum participants taking a bus along the length of the tramway. After that, there were lectures with international perspectives.

– We had a speaker from Canada who talked about ongoing expansions and future plans for tramway around Toronto in Canada. After that, we had two speakers from Great Britain who talked about how to solve the expansion of the tramway through Edinburgh's historic quarter, where you want to minimize the impact on the area. The day ended with a nice networking dinner.

Day two focused on duo tramways, traffic safety on trams and other things.

– The program was packed with everything from technical details to visionary discussions, says Hans Cruse.