Exhibitor interview Euromaint


Who are you and what is your role in the company?
My name is Gorka Tamayo and I am the CEO of the Euromaint group.

What kind of company is Euromaint and what do you do?
Euromaint is a company specialized in comprehensive maintenance solutions for rolling stock. The company is also part of the CAF group, where I am a member of the executive board of the Rail Services Division.

What goal does Euromaint have with participating at Train & Rail?
We aim to get insights to understand how the railway market evolves, and how Euromaint can influence it with our solutions. It's about how we can bring new ideas to the industry.

What issue is most important from your perspective, for the future railways?
From our perspective, railways should focus on solving problems of availability and safety. As a leading supplier of maintenance services for the railway traffic industry in the Nordics, we have a lot to contribute with regarding this. There are several operators, especially in the Swedish de-regulated market, so we need to bring something different. As the Swedish model is relevant to understand the other Nordic markets, our strategy is to push to open the other markets. We are working for an available market, where tenders are open for everyone.

What do you want from industry colleagues / decision-makers so that society can better meet demand, economic frameworks and climate goals for the future of rail transport?
Sustainability is a key question, being the backbone of the industry, which is something that governments and other stakeholders should be aware of. In this transition, Euromaint invest heavily in using green energy and chemicals, to minimize our carbon footprint. These measures are important for a sustainable future passenger- and freight business.