Fritiof Schiller BS Verkstäder

Exhibitor Interview BS Verkstäder

Who are you and what is your role at BS Verkstäder?
My name is Fritiof Schiller. I am partner in BS Verkstäder and has worked in almost every role in the company for the past 20 years. Nowadays, I work as a senior advisor and board member and assist the organization with expertise in sales, technology issues, market issues and business development.

What type of company is BS Verkstäder and what do you work with?
BS Verkstäder is a company that deals with the maintenance and upgrading of almost all types of railway vehicles and work machines. We offer comprehensive solutions to our customers. This means that you as a customer get everything from planning and rebuilding to approval of your rebuilt machine delivered by us. We are a supplier that offers sustainable solutions in all areas of the sustainability concept. Properly performed maintenance extends the life of the vehicle and reduces disruptions and unforeseen costs. A conversion of an existing machine or an existing vehicle saves large amounts of material and is cheaper than buying new. It is also positive for the customer's staff because the machine is already known and the approval is easier and cheaper for the same reason. Our whole way of working is focused on cooperation and trust because it gives the greatest benefit both to our client and to us if we have a good relationship during all phases of a project.

How is it that BS Verkstäder has decided to participate in Train & Rail?
What are BS Verkstäder's goals with Train & Rail?

We hope that Train & Rail will be a rekindling of this type of meeting place in the industry. We feel that it is a lively initiative and want to contribute with our knowledge and experience while creating new contacts and strengthening our existing relationships.

Which issue is most important from your perspective for the railways of the future and how do you yourselves work with this issue today?
What do you want from industry colleagues/decision makers so that society can better meet demand, financial frameworks and climate goals for future rail transport?

The most important thing for the future is clarity and a long-term perspective. For our own part, we work for it in our relationships, regardless of whether it is customers, employees, suppliers or authorities. In order to be able to invest and develop, all actors in the industry need to know what the long-term goals are and at the same time feel secure that the direction is maintained. It is therefore of the outmost importance that the political leadership once and for all puts its foot down and decides what the strategy for the Swedish railway should be and then gives the Swedish Transport Administration a clear mission which is then followed up. The worst thing that can happen is that the prosperity of the past decades continues because the industry will then continue to be cautious and cautious and the development will be slower than society can afford.