Pär-Arne Lundqvist Scantruck

Who are you and what is your role in Scantruck?
My name is Pär-Arne Lundqvist and I am the Product and Sales Manager for our railway products.

What type of company is Scantruck and what do you work with?
Scantruck is part of the Danish N.C. Nielsen group. We offer Platform Basket Railway Lifts and Geismar railway equipment. Scantruck also provides Manitou telehandlers and lifts, Sennebogen cranes, PB Platforms lifts, GMG lifts, and Weycor wheel loaders and compactors.

Why has Scantruck decided to participate in Train & Rail?
It is a new trade fair that we believe will be the obvious marketplace to meet new and existing customers.

What is Scantruck's goal with Train & Rail?
To present our products and meet many new and existing customers. We have had Platform Basket for a few years but now also come with Geismar's interesting product portfolio.

What is the most important question from your perspective for the future of the railway industry and how are you currently addressing this issue?
We work with our products that enable an efficient and safe workplace, as well as being sustainable for the environment and future generations. Through our wide range of products with powerful battery-powered machines, we can offer something for all applications.

What do you wish for from industry colleagues/decision-makers to better meet the demand, economic frameworks, and climate goals for future railway transportation?
We are convinced that the future will place higher demands on efficiency and safety in the workplace and that environmental requirements will increase. With this, we can look into the future and achieve long-term sustainability in future railway transportation.