Glenn Gustavsson STG

Exhibitor interview Scandinavian Track Group AB

Who are you and what is your role at STG?
My name is Glenn Gustavsson and I am CEO at Scandinavian Track Group AB

What type of company is STG and what do you work with?
Scandinavian Track Group (STG) is a leading railway contractor for the rail network in Scandinavia. We are mainly located in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but also carry out assignments in other places around the world.

STG equips the railway for the future and creates the conditions for good and sustainable social development. For STG, it is important to be close to those who own or operate the railway and track facilities, so Train & Rail is a new interesting meeting place for STG.
STG offers maintenance, construction and consulting services in the form of execution contracts or rental of personnel and machines. This is carried out in various business areas such as Rail, Electricity, Signal, Switches/Materials, Consultant and training.

More information about STG is available on the website

How is it that STG has decided to participate in Train & Rail?
The pandemic has resulted in several years of missing direct meetings and contacts between people. Digital meetings in all their glory. But nothing compares to meeting, talking and exchanging experiences that you can do in a physical meeting.
In addition, it is exciting to test this new fair.

What are STG's goals with Train & Rail?
That STG should be given the opportunity to disseminate information about the operations, services and products that the company offers. And that our representatives from STG, who participate in the fair, should be able to listen to the industry by networking and creating contacts. Two examples of questions that are good to get answers to: What are the most important questions in the industry and what are the biggest needs?

Which issue is most important from your perspective for the railways of the future and how do you yourselves work with this issue today?
A good dialogue between client and executor regarding the upgrading of the railway.

Here, it is important to have a vision of how the railways in Sweden, Norway and Denmark are to be equipped in the long term. With long-term goals and execution plans. The need for renovation is great, but a long-term plan for this is lacking. If this is managed correctly, it will be easier for contractors to plan both in terms of staffing, which is often a challenge, and execution. The result will then be economically efficient work.

We have invited and participated in several dialogues with the industry regarding this.

What do you want from industry colleagues/decision makers so that society can better meet demand, financial frameworks and climate goals for future rail transport?
Create a vision for how the railways in Sweden, Norway and Denmark should be equipped in the long term. A vision and decisions that are not influenced by which government governs the country. A collective political decision on the future of the railway would be in order.