Anders Larsson, Strukton Rail

Exhibitor interview Strukton Rail

Who are you and what is your role at Strukton Rail? 
My name is Anders Larsson and I am Marketing Manager at Strukton Rail.

What kind of company is Strukton Rail and what do you work with?
Strukton Rail is the leading private railway contractor in Sweden. We deliver infrastructure solutions for the railway in Scandinaivia by buildning and maintain track system. We also renovates track facilities and provides them with power supply, which distinguish us from our competitors. To maintain track systems long-term and proactive, we have a digital solution for, among other things, inspection and monitoring.

Why have Strukton Rail decided to participate at Train & Rail? 
We think it is exciting with a new exhibition in Stockholm and it feels like there is a need that the industry come together after the pandemic. We want to meet costumers, both existing and new suppliers. And also colleagues from the industry, but also represent ourselves as a actor and entrepreneur to count with.

What are Strukton Rail’s goals with Train & Rail?
Our goal is above all to bring out our main message: That railway is the best transport from both a safety and sustainability perspective and we are and that we are a leading player in both of these areas. We also look forward to participate in discussions and talk about the challenges in the industry. Than we of course want to network, create good relationships and maybe meet future coworkers. Our present och future coworkers are our most important asset and a prerequisite to be able to do what we do.

Which issue is most important from your perspective for the railways of the future?
Saftey and sustainability! A functioning and safe railway is most importan to manage the climate changes and give people possibility to live and work in the whole country. 

How do you, yourselves work with this question today?
We work with safety and sustainability every day in our daily work. By contributing to a robust and punctual railway system, we are part of the greentransition. But sustainability is also about, for example, gender equality and inclusion, two issues that are therefore included in one of our priority sustainability areas. Laws and regulations together with our security policy set the framework for our security work. Before each project start, we draw up work preparations, risk assessments and work environment plans. Then we check the working environment through safety rounds and workplace checks. We also work actively with digitalisation. We monitor, measure and analyze the available data and decide when the facility needs to be repaired or replaced from a life cycle perspective, so that we can take action at the right time. The technology allows us to detect wear and tear in the facility before it becomes a safety risk.

What do you wish from industry colleagues/decision makers so that you yourself can work even better to meet these challenges.
Since we are affected by political decisions, we wish for long-termism, stability and predictability in Sweden's direction regarding the railway, this to give us the conditions to invest in the future. Of course, we wish our industry colleagues good relationships and that we help develop each other. We all benefit from that.