Exhibitor interview NRC-Group


Who are you and what is your role at NRC Group?
My name is Theresa Flodman, and I am communications manager at NRC Group Sweden.

What kind of company is NRC Group and what do you work with?
NRC Group is one of the Nordics' leading infrastructure companies, which is located in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We are a total supplier of railway infrastructure, supplying the entire value chain for markets such as rail, light rail and infrastructure.

Why have you decided to participate in Train & Rail?
We are very excited about the vitamin injection that this new venue will be! Through meetings, so much good comes, and our industry has a common mission in society - but also common challenges that we need to put all our wise heads together to solve. And heads are best put together on the spot!

What is your goal with Train & Rail?
We are proud to show how we work in the NRC Group, and believe that it can be inspiring for others to take part. We want to showcase what is so special about us as a company - to decision makers, clients, industry colleagues and future stars in the industry who are looking for a company to find a home in.

What is the most important question for the railway future and how are you working with this question? We want the railway industry to contribute to a more sustainable world – not only through what we do, but also through how we do it! At NRC Group, we set ambitious goals: By 2025, we will reduce our emissions by at least 30%, and by 2050, we will meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and achieve net zero. We are constantly working to reduce emissions, recycle and reuse materials. NRC Group participates in, for example, the United Nations Global Compact Climate Ambition Accelerator, Roadmap 2045 and Fair Transport. But also social sustainability is always on our agenda, where our partnership with Sila Snacket and our safety work are worth mentioning.

What do you want from industry colleagues/decision makers so that society can better meet demand, financial frameworks and climate goals for future rail transport?
A huge question! I feel this way: "The railway is more important than ever" is repeated like a mantra, but I still wonder if everyone actually sees how important our industry is in the whole. In order for us to reach where society needs, it is necessary that everyone involved shows the kind of hope for the future that makes you stick out your chin, roll up your arms and actually do the work. It will never be easy to be the one to start trying to make a difference, but it will always be worth it.