Exhibitor interview Railcare


Who are you and what is your role at Railcare Group AB?
My name is Ulf Marklund, is the founder and vice president of Railcare.

What kind of company is  Railcare Group and what do you work with?
Railcare are specialists in various areas of the railway. Our contracting business carries out maintenance contracts on the railway with its own machines and its own staff. The latest machine that we have developed is a fully battery powered vacuum machine used in various types of track maintenance; for example cable lowering and ballast changes. In transport operations, we carry out freight, contract and special transport with our own locomotives and drivers. We also have our own workshops that do everything from building new machines, to life extensions on locomotives, revisions and carriage maintenance.

Why did Railcare Group decide to participate at Train & Rail?
For us, it is an opportunity to listen to where the railway industry is and how decision-makers, customers and suppliers see the future. As well as how decision makers, customers and suppliers see the future.

What is Railcare Group's objective with Train & Rail?
Above all, we want to meet customers, suppliers and industry colleagues, in order to discuss together with them how we can make the railway more sustainable. By, among other things, replacing fossil-powered machines and vehicles with better alternatives.

Which issue is most important from your perspective for the railways of the future and how do you yourselves work with this issue today?
A well-functioning railway lays the foundation for sustainable transport in our society. Transport on the railway, which is also predicted to increase by 50% by 2040. With the large maintenance debt that exists, it is extremely important to continue to invest in railway maintenance. And that the machines that work on the railway are climate-friendly.

We are working to transform today's diesel-powered machines and vehicles that work on the railway. Our fully battery-powered Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), which has been in production for just over a year, shows that even the largest work machines can be operated with consideration for the environment. Now we are taking the next step and investigating how the battery bank itself can power other machines and vehicles, by acting as a large power bank on the railway. We also work actively, for both our own and our customers' operations, to carry out lifetime extensions on locomotives and upgrade engines to a better environmental class.

What do you wish from industry colleagues/decision makers in order for society to be better able to meet demand, economic framework and climate goals for future rail transport?
I think everyone in the industry is asking for long-termism and clarity. There are many of us who are ready to invest to contribute to a better and more sustainable railway. Then we have to go in the same direction. Only then can we cope with the transition at the pace required.