Exhibitor intreview Rosenqvist Entreprenad


Who are you and what is your role at Rosenqvist Entreprenad?

– Kristian Hammarberg, vp at Rosenquist Entreprenad since a few years back.

What type of company is Rosenqvist Entreprenad and what do you work with?

– We work with complex ground and construction contracts in railway and public transport environment. The railway often has a complexed logistic environment with a lot of different technologies. We have the technology, competence and experience to handle projects like this. We are not afraid to work with difficult projects, we want them.

How come Rosenqvist Entreprenad has decided to be a part of Train & Rail?

– De past few years we have gone from being a small machine company to a bigger more comprehensive entrepreneur when it comes to ground and facility. So, we see it as a natural development that we exhibit at Train and Rail to show that we are a contracting company that you can count with. A railway exhibit in Stockholm has a good geographic point that makes it easier for international companies to navigate there. So, we think that there will be many more visitors to show our company for.

What is Rosenqvist Entreprenad aim with Train & Rail?

– The market has changed. Today there is more international companies that is a part of the big project, where we can share a lot of our competence. After many years of a pandemic, we also want to both meet our industry colleagues physically, hear what is going on at the market and build connections with both new and old industry colleagues.

From your perspective what question is the most important for the future of the railway?

– Stability at the market with a better predictability of the procurer’s requirement, expectations and volumes, so that we get a better ability to plan our company’s operation and make the right investments for the future. We need to be able to see a stable horizon in a few years to know that investment has a bearing. Otherwise, we risk of doing investments that we cannot fully use and that doesn’t reach the wished effect thanks to us, our customers or at the end of it everyone who benefits from our railways.

How does the company work today with this specific question?

– We keep us updated with what is going on at the market so we can prepare the company along that. We are also a part of the association of Swedish Rail infrastructure companies, where we bring these questions. But we also make sure to widen us business wise and spread the risks within different parts of ground and facility, so that we are not as niched as earlier.

What do you wish from your industry colleagues/decision makers to be able to work better as a company meeting these challenges?

– That there is an understanding from how the procurer’s requirement connects to the time cycles that is in the industry on all levels. As an example, if you put requirement on electric machines, it needs to be available on the market. We want to actively be a part of the development of the industry, but as entrepreneurs we also need time to plan our company’s operation in a longer perspective.