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An enjoyable, easy and safe experience for passengers
Smart rolling stock systems

DA-Group is a provider of advanced electronics and high technology solutions and products. We collaborate with all transportation eco-systems players, including universities. We provide the best and the most robust way to increase the performance with new solutions or modernise existing systems with cutting-edge technologies.
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  • DA-Group
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  • Biljettsystem
  • IT-system och programvaror
  • Drift, underhåll och service
  • Fordonsutrustning, komponenter och inredning
  • Intermodala lösningar
  • Järnvägsinfrastruktur (underhåll och nybyggnation)
  • Kompetensutveckling och rekrytering
  • Miljöteknik
  • Signalsystem/Trafikledningssystem
  • Spårbunden transport för kollektivtrafik, regional trafik, långväga och Internationell trafik
  • Spårburna fordon för gods och passagerartrafik
  • Säkerhet, trygghet och övervakning


  • Slim LED Display

    Slim LED Display The LED displays are designed for indoor and outdoor applications showing passenger information with the best visibility in all lighting conditions. Displays are utomatically controlled from passenger information system. Länk till produkten »

  • User Interface

    User Interface The driver can control and monitor all onboard systems with the interface. The unit works as part of the open IP network. It will also interface with third-party equipment and outer networks.

    The user interface units come with a touch-screen display or with push buttons. The open IP system and the small size of the rugged devices are well suited for retrofitting projects. DA-Group's onboard passenger information system is designed for public transportation operators and rail vehicle manufacturers of metros, trams, light rail rolling stock and trains. Länk till produkten »

  • On Board Computer for the driver

    On Board Computer for the driver The operator can manage real-time and timed information (data, audio, videos) from one central computer. The computer receives and shares operator transportation and vehicle data to display the information on various devices, such as passenger information and advertising displays as well as driver control panels. Länk till produkten »

  • LED Displays

    LED Displays LED displays are designed for indoor and outdoor applications and show passenger information, with high visibility in all lighting conditions.

    The displays have one of the lightest casing structures, and dimensions can be customized for tight and special installations. For demanding outside installation, curved displays are also available. Länk till produkten »

  • LCD\TFT Displays

    LCD\TFT Displays The LCD/TFT displays present all information important for passenger safety and ease of travel, such as destinations and next stops with connections. Flexible design and customization are easily performed to modify the system to fit the customer's existing rail car architecture and requirements.

    The displays are designed to have a low lifecycle cost: durable and light weight displays with low energy and maintenance requirements. Aluminum profile housing with antireflective front glass is ruggedized and protects against hard environments. Displays can be mounted to walls or ceilings. They can be installed in the portrait or landscape positions.

    DA-Group also manufacturers different sizes of LCF/TFT displays used for infotainment displays in train cars. The operators can collaborate with advertisers to run their campaigns in vehicle infotainment media. Länk till produkten »




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